Quote for the day

August 9, 2009
Never have more children than you have car windows.

Back To School Shopping

August 6, 2009
For any parent with school age children, August is the huge back to school shopping spree. I've learned over the years just to combine it with the family vacation. This year we're getting a hotel right by a large discount shopping mall and making it the highlight of our vacation. The first thing you need to do is take stock on what actually fits from last year and recycle what doesn't. That makes room for all the new clothes you'll be buying! (Plus a check list on what needs to be bought.) Do...
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Quote for the Day

July 30, 2009
A baby is born with a need to be loved - and never outgrows it.
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The Art of Making Life Work

July 26, 2009
You can give yourself and your child leeway to go through the ups and downs of the learning process. Your child is just beginning to grow and learn, and, believe it or not, you are not finished with your learning, either.

You can learn on both the outer and inner levels throughout your life. Since you are the most experienced one, you are in charge for a short time -- in charge of directing, stimulating, encouraging, urging, disciplining, and, at all times, loving your child.

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Summer Time Fun

July 24, 2009
To help our oldest son, my husband and I have been babysitting the grandkids this summer. First thing we did was arm ourselves with our special summer toys, a bag of sand, a wading pool, sidewalk chalk and water guns.

We're having a blast!

For all your summer time toys, shop at Toys R Us

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July 16, 2009
When shopping with your child, jot down the items he is begging for. Tell him you're making his wish list. It shows that you care enough to put it in writing and will distract him, because he's thinking about the item and the possibility he may get it in the future. You can refer to the list for his birthday, holidays, or a special treat. Or my favorite, give the list to grandparents when they want to know what to buy him!
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June 18, 2009
You know you're a real mom when...

You see the world through a little person's eyes.

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Graduations...parties..showers... OH MY!

June 13, 2009
Anyone with a large family knows that June is a crazy month. You have graduations, bridal showers, baby showers then throw in Father's Day and the normal assortment of birthdays makes it crazy trying to find a gift for everyone.

I have a sister that is awesome at gift giving. She can have a gift ready at the drop of the hat. I have seen her "gift" closet - it is filled with items she's purchased on sale or gifts given to her that she can't use (if you do this, I recommend keeping a note so t...

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A Mommy Moment

June 4, 2009
I remember when my youngest was four, she had asked me, "Mommy, what are you doing with my clothes and toys?" I replied, "I'm boxing up the clothes that are too small for you and the toys you no longer play with. Later we'll take them to Goodwill." She frowned and asked, "What did Will do that's so good that he gets my stuff?" (This one always makes me smile.)
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Must-Win Monster

May 29, 2009
I attended my grandson's little league game this week and I was listening to the parents interact with their boys.

I believe you can cheer on your child without creating a monster. Emphasize that competition is about self-measurement and strive for excellence and not showing off. Be realistic about your child's abilities. A simple 'good job' rather than over-the-top adulation conveys that it's the effort that counts. Kids need to hear that a parent's affection doesn't hinge on their success.

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Patty Osborn

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