For any parent with school age children, August is the huge back to school shopping spree. I've learned over the years just to combine it with the family vacation. This year we're getting a hotel right by a large discount shopping mall and making it the highlight of our vacation. The first thing you need to do is take stock on what actually fits from last year and recycle what doesn't. That makes room for all the new clothes you'll be buying! (Plus a check list on what needs to be bought.) Don't get too carried away - if you think about it, you only need clothes for the fall. (Get the winter outfits at Christmas time.)

If you are short on time, I would recommend that you turn to the internet and do your shopping online. Actually, it's a great way to comparison shop without wearing out your feet. I belong to an online shopping club that makes it easy to comparison shop and provides me with cash back rewards on all of my purchases. With more and more stores giving you free shipping, it's actually much cheaper because you are saving on gas and time (not to mention savings for all those "treats" you buy when out shopping!) Here's a free membership for you to start your own back to school shopping!