Anyone with a large family knows that June is a crazy month. You have graduations, bridal showers, baby showers then throw in Father's Day and the normal assortment of birthdays makes it crazy trying to find a gift for everyone.

I have a sister that is awesome at gift giving. She can have a gift ready at the drop of the hat. I have seen her "gift" closet - it is filled with items she's purchased on sale or gifts given to her that she can't use (if you do this, I recommend keeping a note so that the gift doesn't get regifted back to it's original owner!).

Me? I'm not that organized. I have trouble just showing up on time! Several years ago I joined an online shopping club that helps me search for the right gift and makes purchasing it a breeze. I can send flowers or get a gift that's personalized. For graduates going to college I like giving a gift certificate from OfficeDepot and wrapping it with a catalog. But what I love giving the most is a SuperCertificate that nevers expires! I can send it via email to get it there on time or delivered to me in case I want to hand deliver it.

June might be crazy - but this year, I'm loving it!