May is when I start planning our summer vacation. I start by sending away for maps and tourist guides to places that I think we might like to go. One summer our vacation was on the history of our state. We started by checking out books at the library on our state and reading up on its history. For our vacation, we toured a lumber museum, spent a day at a Fort, visited a Bear Farm, saw a laser-light show, found the state stone on a beach, went to a maritime museum, and other state points of interest along the way.

A Kodak moment? Nope. We had the 3 youngest with us, ages 15, 13 and 5. They fought, they whined, said it was boring, said they were tired and on and on. I really was glad when we finally got home and the vacation ended. It wasn’t until this last Easter when the older ones (now 24 and 22) came home for a visit and the conversation got around to what I was planning this year for vacation. They started talking about all the past vacations and the history trip came up. They talked on and on about how cool were the bears and how the fort was awesome. They loved it! Maybe it wasn't a Kodak Moment, but it definitely was a Kodak Memory.