Volunteering has been an important part of my life. My mom and dad did volunteer work at church and at school, plus they were 4-H Leaders. By working bake sales and banquets along side my parents, I learned valuable people skills and how to count money. Through 4-H, I learned how to cook, sew, fix a lamp, grow plants, and (when I got older) how to take minutes, track finances and run a meeting.

With my own family, my husband and I chose Scouts and the March of Dimes as our charities to support. Currently our oldest son is carrying on the Scouting tradition with our grandson. We proudly get to see him earning his badges and helping him with projects when he stays with us.

My family and I just finished volunteering at two March for Babies events; one where we live and then back in my home town. These walks put on by the March of Dimes are excellent family, kid-friendly, events. My husband and youngest daughter helped set-up tents, hand out maps and do many of the errands that needed to get done while I ran the registration tent. I actually work in the office at the March of Dimes, so I see first-hand how important their work is with fighting birth defects and premature birth.

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